In these unforeseeable and difficult times, we would like to advise you of the following terms and conditions that apply to your insurances in view of the circumstances we find ourselves in.

The government has decreed to make an exceptional ruling in regard to the aforementioned insurances.
That is to say the guarantees contracted will be honoured in these fields of insurance in relation to the COVID 19.

We have had confirmation today that there is NO COVER for unforeseeable circumstances which is the situation we are in.    
In particular we would like to mention the   “loss of earnings”  in business insurances, as above this is not covered.

However we would like to remind all our clients of the importance of maintaining their insurances, please bear in mind our homes and businesses continue to be at risk from fire, water damage etc.
We will of course do our best to accommodate our trusted and loyal clients in these difficult times,  and would like to take  this opportunity to thank you for your continuing confidence in our services.

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